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About Me
- Illustration / Designer / Artist

Born in Bristol England in 1971, growing up I always wanted to be creative and was active in music and the arts from an early age. At 10 years old I experimented with stop motion animation and built numerous clay models that I painstakingly animated with a cheap video camera without great success. I was always drawing and painting things from my imagination in my spare time. By the age of 13, I was creating graphics for Commodore 64 games, and by 16, I had already worked on several published titles. In 1992 I moved to California to become a founding member of Iguana Entertainment, Inc.

Working as a professional Illustrator for many years, I’ve found it has always been challenging and a lot of fun. I’ve spent most of my professional working life in the video game industry beginning at Iguana Entertainment as Art Director. Moving on to Acclaim Studios, I became Executive Art Director, overseeing global art development. Ultimately, I headed up the department in charge of global imaging until I left game development to pursue full-time work as an Illustrator.

I co-founded Big Sesh Studios in 2000 which became a successful Illustration studio serving the games, advertising, and editorial industries working with some of the top players in the market. Working as Art Director and Creative Director at Big Sesh for 6 years, I gained a vast knowledge of my clients needs, and strived to make the creative process smooth and enjoyable, with fantastic results.

In September of 2006 I decided to go freelance and enjoy the freedom it brings, while still providing my clients
with the excellent art work and exceptional service that they have come to expect from me.

Advertising Art | Creature Art | PhotoReal | Publishing/Editorial | VideoGAME Industry